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With that thought in mind and with the goal to provide a very robust and valuable tool we designed one flexible and highly configurable control and monitoring platform that allows multiple hardware and software configurations.

The platform is originally equipped with the ZekaStream™ technology allowing high speed data logging within the microseconds range. This makes the device a highly valuable tool for catching transients and analyzing high-speed processes. Only one device with such a technology in your design is enough to change the way you commission the whole power plant.

Moreover, combining the ZekaStream™ technology with the constantly increasing demand for data analysis, you will be able to put your power plant data directly into your Big Data repositories.

Having numerous communication interfaces including Ethernet, RS485 and CANBus and utilizing Modbus, makes the integration with your industrial network an easy task. Profibus interface is also available using the GreenBee Industrial Gateway communication bridge.

Several digital and analog inputs and outputs are available for additional programming allowing extra flexibility during the system design or even when the project is in its final phase. The integrated Modbus master allows different Modbus slaves to be attached to extend IO and functionality.

The platform is equipped with algoriyhms for monitoring the power grid, synchronizing power sources, various control strategies and algorithms for energy storage and hybridization and many more. It has already been customized for the follwing solutions:

The platform is highly customizable both in hardware and software way. Using such a versatile and fully featured tool can help you build a much more cost and functionally effective system.

We are a customer oriented company. We listen to our customers. We do not sell hardware, we help building systems close to be perfect. Just describe what you want to achieve in the form below and we will take care of the rest.


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