Removing the human error for closing the circuit breaker at exact time during power sources synchronization with the grid brought advanced control systems for automatic synchronization.

Synchronization of power sources with the grid is the process of equating the parameters like amplitude, phase and frequency of the power sources and connecting them with the power system network. The control logic calculates the closing time of the circuit breaker and the phase angle increment rate and initiates the closing of circuit breaker.

Synchronizing Power Sources, Zekatex

The power sources synchronization is one of the key factors when building Smart grid architectures.


What have we achieved till now?

Our SynchroBee Power Sources Synchronizer series has proved to be a very robust and highly valuable tool. It has already been integrated in some very complex Megawatt power plants like the latest Transocean drillships of type Ultradeep Water including the ones with the first hybrid drill-floor in the world.

Moreover, in combination with the combined YellowBee AC/DC/AC converter used for pre-magnetization of transformers, the system reached unprecedented system recovery, defining a new standard for the industry.


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