Continuous improvement of the power grid implies knowing the grid characteristics in details. Having power grid monitoring technology helps you identify sources of energy consumption and times of peak consumption. This brings knowledge allowing easily allocating problems and reducing energy costs.

Grid monitoring, Zekatex

Having a technology allowing high speed data logging within the microseconds range in your design is enough to change the way you commission the whole power plant. Moreover, it can be a highly valuable tool for catching transients and analyzing high-speed processes.

We offer a technology for power monitoring that gives sufficient information to commissioning engineers and operators to diagnose the system health thus making adaptation and improvement a continuous process. This is the ZekaStream™ technology.

Each Zekatex power conversion or monitoring device is originally equipped with the ZekaStream™ technology. It will allow you to make streaming of various parameters with resolution from tens of microseconds to tens of seconds. All you need is a PC to connect to and get the data.

Moreover, combining the ZekaStream™ technology with the constantly increasing demand for data analysis, you will be able to put your power plant data directly into your Big Data repositories.


What have we achieved till now?

Using the ZekaStream™ technology has proved to be a highly valuable tool, especially during the commissioning state of large and complex installations. It saves days for preparation of measuring equipment like multi-meters, oscilloscopes, etc. just to make a single measurement.

The ZekaStream™ has already been integrated in some very complex Megawatt power plants and proved to be an extremely valuable tool during the commissioning process. This includes the MoniBee Power Grid Monitor devices that are already operating on the latest Transocean drillships of type Ultradeep Water including the ones with the first hybrid drill-floor in the world.


And more ...

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