Nowadays 98% of vessels are still diesel-powered. However, due to stricter global regulations related to NOx emissions, the marine and offshore industry has already adopted new advanced technologies.

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The future belongs to fully electric vessels but in the meantime, the marine hybrid systems increase the flexibility in design and installation, optimize operational performance and minimize environmental impact.

With electric motors working closely together with the engines, battery chargers and batteries within a single system, you can make the most of the advantages of electric and/or hybrid propulsion resulting in a system being both powerful and green.


What are the key benefits?

  • Reduced emissions for all pollutants associated with diesel engines, without sacrificing power or maneuverability. The hybrid shows a significant reduction for pollutants related to combustion efficiency – 73% for particulate matter and 51% for nitrogen oxides; reductions of 27% for fuel related pollutants (sulfur dioxide and carbon emissions).
  • Lower operating costs due to lower fuel consumption estimated to 20–30% by reducing idling and increasing engine efficiency.
  • Lower maintenance costs related to diesel engines by reducing the number of operating hours by approximately 50% on the main engines.
  • Reduced noise levels by using quieter batteries and generators instead of large diesel engines.
  • Improved safety by effectively removing any chance of power loss with multiple system redundancies and configurations.
  • Improved long-term efficiency of the power supply system.
  • Improved vessel performance.


Zekatex bi-directional DC/DC converters for Hybrid and Ectrical propulsion

We are specialists in the conversion, storage and management of electric power. Our YellowBee DC/DC converters, combined with your electric propulsion, are the perfect building blocks for a safe and fully reliable electric or hybrid system.

The YellowBee DC/DC 200kW/750V and the YellowBee DC/DC 200kW/1200V are specifically designed in terms of voltage ranges and power for charging and discharging batteries in hybrid and electric propulsion systems. Moreover, unique features in the device itself give the whole power plant advantages both during commissioning and during normal operation.


What have we achieved till now?

Our convertes are already operating and running on a number of vessels including:

  • Kotug RT Evolution - the EU first hybrid tugboat
  • Kotug RT Emotion
  • Carolyn Dorothy tug boat - world’s first marine hybrid propulsion system on a Harbour assist tugboat (converter change)
  • Cambpbell Foss tug boat - (converter change)


And more ...

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