The global need for electricity increases and so does the expectation for clean and reliable power by integrating renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, in the grid. One of the major challenges is that renewable energy production can be unpredictable, making grid operators hesitant to become dependent on elements they cannot control.

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In parallel, networks are ageing and become more decentralized, less efficient and more congested as the energy passing through the lines increases with the energy demand. Innovative ways are needed for improving the grid’s flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

Energy storage, as a solution to the above, provides a huge number of beneficial services and cost savings to our electric grid. Large scale energy storage also allows today's electrical system to run significantly more efficiently, and that greater efficiency means lower prices, less emissions and more reliable power.


How can Energy storage solutions help you?

  • Increase the predictive accuracy of current supply from renewable energy plants
  • Reduce power fluctuations
  • Adapt energy supply to meet times of high demand
  • Optimize locally produced power for self-consumption in premises-based power generation
  • Cap peak loads to reduce demand charges
  • Increase the flexibility of existing conventional power plants
  • Supply of operating reserve and ancillary services


Zekatex bi-directional DC/DC converters for Energy storage systems

We are specialists in the conversion, storage and management of electric power. Our converters and inverters are the perfect building blocks for a safe and fully reliable energy storage system.

Our bidirectional converters - the YellowBee DC/DC series converters - can be set up for charging/discharging of either a battery bank or a supercap string. Moreover, unique features in the devices give the whole power plant advantages both during commissioning and normal operation.


What have we achieved till now on a large scale?

We built the control, the heart of the first hybrid drill floor system already operating on the latest Transocean drillships of type Ultradeep Water. It consists of our Dual Power Chopper Controller and the Energy Storage Supercaps Monitor. This technology is not only environmental friendly by utilizing megawatts of energy that were previously wasted, it also equalizes the load of the whole power plant thus reducing maintenance and increasing robustness.


What else?

We have participated in a mobile energy storage solution for Level 3 charging of electrical vehicles by using the YellowBee DC/DC 40kW/450V converter.

With the upcoming 1MW converter you will be able to build a high-power high-scale energy storage system that suits best your needs.


And more ...

We are a customer oriented company. We listen to our customers. We do not sell hardware, we help building systems close to be perfect. Do you need your own solution. Just drop us a note!

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